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Welcome to the Center for Key Qualifications / Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikationen (ZfS)


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Tasks and goals

The Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikationen ZfS (Center for Key Qualifications) is part of the Freiburger Akademie für wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung FRAUW (Freiburg Academy of Continuing Education). Since November 2002 it is in charge of developing and organizing courses and projects in the area of “Profession-Orientated Skills/Berufsfeldorientierte Kompetenzen” (BOK).  The BOK area is an obligatory component of the new bachelor courses of study (B.A. and B.Sc.) as well as of the  State Examination (secondary school teaching) and is divided into the fields of management, communication, media, IT and foreign languages. The Center’s task is to identify suitable course offers/opportunities within and outside of the university.  The Center also assumes the role of providing law students with the compulsory key qualifications (KQ), which are required for state examinations.

Free spaces will be given to students pursuing other courses of study (e.g. master  degrees) at the University of Freiburg.

The BOK area at the ZfS Freiburg offers students the opportunity to establish contacts in professional fields and to enrich their personal professional profile with further practical qualifications. In the BOK area, comprehensive soft skills are promoted through team, practical and problem-solving orientated work. There is an atmosphere congruous for examination of other disciplines as well as your own skills and goals. The close networking between business and the sciences as a result of project work and as a result of the freelance teaching staff leads to an improved balance between demanded expectations and perceptions of supply. Moreover, engaged company representatives act as propagators for the improved promotion and acceptance of the new degrees.



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Current Courses at the Centre for Key Qualifications

BOK-Programmheft WS 2010/11

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