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In the strengths-based career orientation, you will reflect on and analyze your individual strengths and relate them to possible career options. The awareness, exploration and application of your individual strengths are deepened in peer advising groups and by getting contact to different fields of work and potential employers. The module is open for all international students.


This module offers you the opportunity and ample space to individually discover personal "skills" (strengths, ressources, talents, interest, values), i.e. what makes you you and where you are at your best. It opens up many opportunities to intentionally experience your personal qualities and to implement your own ideas and goals. This will provide you with important building blocks to successfully shape different areas and aspects of your life. The structured strengths training accompanies you in discovering and using your strengths in your own everyday life, as a student and in developing concrete career options. The practical experiences, exchange and feedback in peer groups and the built-up know-how form the foundation for using your personal strengths profile for current and future challenges in a sustainable way.

Becoming aware of your personal qualities and signature-strengths:

Introduction to working with the VIA Character Strengths Model based on the assumptions of Positive Psychology. Implementation of the self-assessment questionnaire VIA (Values in Action) on the first attendance date and joint interpretation of the results (individual strengths profile). First exercises to test one's own strengths, formation of peer groups.

Exploring and testing strengths:

Observation and reflection tasks in contexts related to everyday life, feedback exercises in peer groups.

Applying one's own strengths:

Possibilities of learning occasions in which one's own strengths can be specifically applied and further developed. Free choice of learning occasions related to studies, personal development or professional orientation, mastering challenges based on strengths.

Developing one's own strengths and sketching career options:

Use and reflection on strengths work methods to design medium-term plans, decision-making occasions, ideas, and goals.

Prerequisites & Assignments

This course is exclusively offered to international students.
Experiential, reflective and personal learning and development is the focus of this course. Therefore, as a participant, you should be willing and open to reflect yourself and your personal experience and engage in a dialogical process, i.e. give and receive personal feedback in peer groups.

Regular attendance at all course dates, self-reflection of your individual signature-strengths (VIA questionnaire), gaining experience in actively using them, participation in peer advising groups, keeping a learning portfolio.

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Former offers in the Integra project

From 2021 to 2023 and as part of the Integra program by DAAD Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikationen has offered two special courses for international students concerning career orientation and civic engagement. The modules and Service have allowed students to reflect on their strengths and job opportunities as well as to get engaged in one of Freiburg’s many NGOs. In 2023, the DAAD-funded programs were geared towards students with refugee experience. Remaining places could still be taken by all other students enrolled at the University of Freiburg.

Even after the end of project financing, the module will still be offered from summer semester 2024. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer the module Service anymore. If you are interested in the contents and structure of the module, please contact



BMBF_gefördert vom_deutsch_klein.jpg Das Projekt wurde im Rahmen des DAAD-Programms "Integra - Integration von Flüchtlingen ins Fachstudium" gefördert.