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Practice and Internship Modules

Has the curriculum not offered sufficient practical experience for you so far? You will certainly find it here!

All students of the University of Freiburg can take part in the internship and practice modules.

Bachelor students earn ECTS credits for the interdisciplinary BOK section at ZFS.











Practice modules

  • In our practice modules, you work in editorial offices, welfare institutions, or on your own projects in the field of entrepreneurship. Apart from earning ECTS credits (in case you study a bachelor program), you also gain a lot of practical experience.  


Internship Plus

With our module Internship plus, you ideally prepare a voluntary internship and evaluate it afterwards. You gain insights into potential occupational fields, get to know the world of work, explore and test the key competencies you acquired during your studies, apply personal strengths in practice, and extend your agency. 




Orientation Internship Teaching Degree

Students studying the polyvalent dual-major bachelor's degree program with the secondary school teaching certificate option can find information on the three-week orientation internship (Orientierungspraktikum, OSP) here.