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Internship Plus – Competence Training and Career Orientation


The internship module 'Internship Plus – Competence Training and Career Orientation' is offered by the Center for Key Qualifications (ZFS). Through its voluntary internship module, it provides the opportunity for bachelor students of all fields of studies to earn ECTS credits for the interdisciplinary BOK section at ZFS.

The self-organized, voluntary internship in Germany or abroad must take at least four weeks and must be done within the framework of this module.

'Internship Plus' pursues the following objectives:

  • Students gain insight into potential occupational fields.
  • They get to know the world of work, determine and test their key qualifications, and their personal strengths acquired at university in practice and extend their action competence.

Students who successfully took part in the internship module earn 6 ECTS credits for a four-week internship (min. 140 hours) and 8 ECTS credits for a six-week internship (min. 210 hours).

Before the respective internship begins, the students are obligated to complete mandatory exercises offered online on ILIAS. Once the internship is completed, the students are to carry out reflective tasks to complete the module.

Internships abroad via AIESEC (min. 8 weeks)
The international student organization AIESEC assists students to organize their internships abroad. You can also earn ECTS credits for them within the module 'Internship Plus'. Further information can be found here:


Informations for students

Information and Guideline for the Internship Provider