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Information and Guideline for the Internship Provider


Here, interested internship providers can find everything important about the module "Internship Plus - Competence Training and Occupational Field Orientation" offered by the Center for Key Qualifications (ZfS)


The module "Internship Plus - Competence Training and Occupational Field Orientation" primarily offers the possibility to have an internship of 4 or 6 weeks duration recognised for the interdisciplinary BOK area for bachelor students who do not have to complete a compulsory internship in their major and/or minor. Since the ZfS takes care of bachelor students of all faculties, this integrated internship is not a specialized internship. For this module, students receive 6 ECTS credits for a 4-week internship or 8 ECTS credits for a 6-week internship.

The following objectives are pursued: Students...

  • gain insights into possible professional fields.
  • get to know the working world and gain practical experience,
  • strengthen their key qualifications acquired during their studies,
  • explore their personal strengths and increase their agency.

In an internship, the learning process, the gathering of experience, and the expansion of one's own agency have priority for the interns.

You can contribute to this by giving the intern the opportunity to

  • get insights into different areas of your organization,
  • being involved in regular work processes and meetings,
  • ideally, receive a small project or a limited task for independent work and
  • have a permanent contact person.

Employing an intern will provide you with the following opportunities:

  • The intern's point of view allows you to reflect on familiar work processes in a new way.
  • New ideas can be brought forward
  • So-called "drawer topics" can be worked on.
  • They can convey the image of your company and the corporate culture.
  • Contacts to the university and to potential employees can be established.


Tasks for the interns:

Since this practical phase is not a specialized internship, the university does not specify which tasks the intern should preferably work on or what he/she should learn. However, it is worthwhile for both sides if you think about possible fields of activity in advance and discuss these with the intern, if necessary.

Duration and remuneration

The creditable duration is either 4 or 6 weeks full-time or the corresponding number of hours part-time. The internship can also last longer than 6 weeks, but students cannot earn any credits for the longer duration.

A remuneration of the intern is desirable. It depends on the conditions of the internship position.

Supervision by the internship provider

Please designate a supervisor in your institution who will guide the intern and be available to him/her as a contact person during the internship.

Internship contract

An internship contract must be concluded between the intern and you as a the internship provider. ZfS has prepared a model contract for this purpose, which you can use optionally (in the download area, see forms). The intern must submit a copy of the signed contract to ZfS by the end of the internship at the latest.


Companies and institutions that have decided to offer an internship for the ZfS internship module receive all important information about the procedure and their tasks and duties in our guideline. The guideline can be downloaded here.