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Orientation Internship (Orientierungspraktikum, OSP)

Orientation Internship (Orientierungspraktikum, OSP)

The orientation internship is part of the module 'Educational Science' in the polyvalent dual-major bachelor's degree program. It can be done compactly within three weeks at a secondary school (Gymnasium) in the state of Baden-Württemberg and usually takes place after the end of the lecture period of the first semester.
Module Educational Science:

  • Students with the optional study area to obtain a teaching qualification are prepared for their tasks during the internship in the lecture Introduction to Educational Science (Einführung in die Bildungswissenschaften, Prof. Dr. Nückles) and in a subsequent accompanying course.
  • In a follow-up course and in the portfolio work, students reflect on their internship experience and identify future learning and development areas.

Responsibility for the OSP and Implementation

The Department of Educational Science is responsible for the module 'Educational Science' (consisting of the lecture and the OSP, including a preparatory and a follow-up workshop); The Center for Key Qualifications is in charge of the realization/implementation of the elements related to the OSP and advising.

OSP: How does it work?

Detailed information on the OSP, as well as further information on the teaching degree program at the University of Freiburg and on the teaching profession itself can be found on the FACE homepage:

The Freiburg Advanced Center of Education (FACE) is the School of Education in Freiburg and a cross-university institution of the University of Freiburg and the University of Education Freiburg. FACE activities include the fields of teaching, praxis and further qualification, as well as educational and classroom research.