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Finding an internship

You look for an internship position at home or abroad by yourself. The Internship Advising Service at the Student Service Center (SCS) offers assistance in planning, searching, and organizing your internship. Here, you will find answers to questions about financing, payment, as well as search and application strategies. You can also have your application documents checked. Extensive literature on internships, applications, and occupational fields is also available in the SCS Media Center. There you can also obtain the brochure "Schritt für Schritt zum erfolgreichen Praktikum" (meaning "Step by step to a successful internship", currently only available in German) with many further tips.


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Internship Advising

Internship contract and agreement

An internship contract must be signed between you and the internship provider. ZfS has prepared a model contract, in case your internship provider does not have its own contract form.
A copy of the signed contract must be submitted to ZfS after completing the internship or before the online reflection, at the latest.

Internship proof and certificate

After the internship/before the online reflection, you must submit a proof issued by the internship provider (Form Internship Certificate) to ZfS, which certifies the duration of the internship in hours.
The internship provider is obliged to issue a certificate for you. However, this certificate does not have to be submitted to ZfS. If your certificate gives exact information about the duration of your internship hours, a copy of the certificate can replace the above mentioned 'Form Proof of Internship'.

Insurance coverage

During your internship, you are insured against accidents and liability through the Studierendenwerk.

Internship abroad

You are also welcome to complete your voluntary internship abroad. Of course, basic requirements include good language skills then. Please note that you may need a longer preparation time for organizing an internship abroad.
Please inform yourself in time about the different requirements and general conditions for an internship in a European or non-European country.